When one thinks of marijuana edibles, probably some of the first things that come to mind are gummies, cookies, brownies, chocolates, and various drinks. Today’s post rounds up the craziest edibles you’ve likely never heard of before—edibles made from wacky flavors and wackier foods.

When It Comes to Edibles, the Crazier the Better

But, what about syrup that you can pour on your waffles or pancakes, various flavors of popcorn, or shrimp chips? Yes, that’s right, SHRIMP CHIPS, which I can tell you that although I’ve never had the weed version of a shrimp chip, I have had many a “regular” shrimp chip, and to say the least, they are… interesting.

In this piece, I’ll be introducing you to some of the most creative and/or the craziest edibles out there right now. While I won’t give you specific brands, I will say that by reading this piece, you’ll be able to easily look them up and find not only different brands that make these items, but also how to obtain them from your local dispensary, or depending on where you live, have them legally delivered to your doorstep.

Note that for the ease of writing, I will just use “cannabinoid(s)” as opposed to “THC” “CBD” “CBN” etc. as an all-encompassing term as some of these products are often more readily available in just one form or the other, and still others in any combo thereof. Furthermore, while the majority of these edibles can be easily found with THC, there are a few where you may only find them in CBD or CBN form.

Craziest Edibles

15 of the Craziest Edibles

  1. Syrup: If you live in Arizona, you should be able to pretty easily find some cannabinoid syrups in a wide variety of flavors to drizzle onto your morning breakfast. In fact, cannabinoid syrups are so popular in the Grand Canyon State that as of the spring of 2022 they account for over 3% of edibles sales there! 
  2. Tea: While there are a lot of easily-accessible recipes online for how to make your own weed tea, there are also companies who make and distribute bags of cannabinoid tea thereby saving you from having to go through the whole drying and blending of various herbs, spices, fruits, and so on.
  3. Ghee Butter: Any old-school pot brownie baker will tell you that cannabinoid-infused butter is hardly a new thing. However, there’s something rather unique and brilliant about cannabinoid-infused ghee, which by the way, can make for a great grilled cheese recipe.
  4. Rice Crispy Treats: Remember these from your childhood? Well, not only can you easily make them at home if you have some cannabinoid-infused ghee or butter, but you can also find them distributed under various names, like “Fruity Pieces Treat,” “Bunch of Munchies,” and “Mellow Rice Treat,” etc.
  5. Peanuts: Several companies make a selection of cannabinoid-infused peanuts that include flavors such as roasted garlic and chili lime.
Craziest Edibles
  1. Agave: Often marketed as either “Agave Nectar” or “Agave Syrup,” cannabinoid-infused agave is appearing more and more frequently on the scene, including in conservative states like Florida and Oklahoma!
  2. Pretzels: If you love this roundup of the craziest edibles, but don’t have a big sweet tooth, finding something that works for you can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are more and more savory edible options available now.
  3. Popcorn: Companies are making everything from popcorn that is akin to the buttery kind you can only get in a movie theater to jalapeno cheddar to sea salt to white cheddar to, of course, caramel corn, and so on, all of which contain at least one cannabinoid!
  4. Tequila: To be more specific, you’re more likely to find cannabinoid-infused tequila spritzers in Oregon and California right now. There are also some alcohol-free cannabinoid-infused tequilas out there as well, but to be honest, that exact combination is kind of confusing.
  5. Beef Jerky: I’ll be the first to admit that infusing beef jerky with cannabinoids would not be the first thing to come to my mind as a new kind of edible. Anyhow, if you love beef jerky and you love weed, then this might be one of the most brilliant edible ideas ever. Just make sure you know which beef jerky you’re eating when you’re hiking.
Craziest Edibles
  1. Breakfast Cereal: This is one way to start your day with some snap, crackle, and pop! 
  2. Cotton Candy: While the concept is pretty ingenious, I have to admit wondering who it is, apart from small children, that ever intentionally seeks out cotton candy when at any place except a fair or amusement park?
  3. Pizza Sauce: If “!!!!” were an actual word, then that is the word I would use to describe cannabinoid-laden pizza sauce. At the moment, there seems to be only one company that has this available for sale, but rumor has it that some Colorado and Washington state companies are trying to figure out how to make and distribute pizza dough containing cannabinoids. Talk about one heck of a build-your-own pizza night!
  4. Dehydrated Fruits: Seeing as beef jerky with THC is available, it’s hardly surprising that you can also get dehydrated cannabinoid-infused fruits. Plenty of companies make dried fruits and offer a wide selection of options, including but not limited to: kiwi, mango, pineapple, and papaya.
  5. Shrimp Chips: I have saved the best for last. The “best” as in, what I consider to be one the craziest edibles out there. As I mentioned previously, while I have never had cannabinoid-infused shrimp chips, I have had “every day” shrimp chips more often than once, and I ate them willingly and 100% sober. All I can say is, if you’ve never tried a shrimp chip, then you don’t know what you’re either missing out on or being saved from. Honestly, every single time I have a shrimp chip I can’t decide if they’re the weirdest or best thing ever. I’ve often eaten one after another where the whole time I keep saying: “These are so wrong. I don’t think I like them, and yet…” So, I can only imagine what the experience of cannabinoid-infused shrimp chips is like. In fact, I think I need to order some right now.

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