Before I give you 10 of the stinkiest weed strains out there, allow me to begin with a disclaimer by saying that, smell, like many things, is relative and very subjective. As the saying goes: One person’s junk is another’s treasure; or in the case of weed: What’s stinky to me, might seem mild to you. Better hold your nose, for today’s blog covers the stinkiest weed strains of all time.

The ten products that we list below are strains that are generally labeled as “stinky” by those in the industry and should help as a guide if discretion when growing or smoking is a priority for you. Oh and one last note: “stinky” doesn’t mean “disgusting” in this case, but instead means “incredibly potent” and indiscreet in smell.

stinkiest weed

Super Sour Diesel

Speaking of the stinkiest weed of all time, sativa-dominant Super Sour Diesel is considered by many to be one of the most pungent and funky-smelling strains out there with its strong diesel, skunky, sour, and citrus aroma. In fact, some have described it as smelling akin to a skunk driving a diesel truck!

Chemdawg aka Chemdog

This well-balanced hybrid strain is known for being about the OG of gassy-smelling strains, gifting the world with so many other fuel-smelling strains like GMO Cookies, Sour Diesel, and Chemdawg Sour Diesel. Its smell is so potent that you might need to wrap it up in a bag that is placed inside a glass jar and sealed inside an airtight container! 

Chemdawg Sour Diesel

Not surprisingly, this sativa-dominant hybrid offspring of the two aforementioned pungent strains, Sour Diesel and Chemdawg, also has quite the reputation with its incredibly strong sour diesel and intense chemical lemon smell that fills any room with its potent fragrance profile.

stinkiest weed


Aptly-named, indica-dominant, Cheese, smells like, well, stinky cheese! While that might sound off-putting, its unique fragrance isn’t actually unpleasant, and besides, with the chill, social high it provides you’ll be asking for “More Cheese please” as you and your friends pass it around.

Death Star

Another descendant of Sour Diesel, you’re in for a similar pungent fragrance with indica-dominant Death Star, which also has notes of lemon and, believe it or not, rubber! And, like Chemdawg, you might be tempted to seal this one up in more than one container to contain its smell!


An indica-dominant hybrid, Afgooey, has a potently alluring fragrance, proving that “stinky” isn’t a negative label for a strain. Its prominent smells are that of earthy, pine, and citrus with spicy and sweet notes, and is far from being a discreet-smelling strain to light up with.

stinkiest weed

GMO Cookies

The very fact that this indica-dominant hybrid strain also answers to the name “Garlic Cookies” should tell you everything you need to know about the smell of GMO Cookies. Its unique fragrance combination of garlic, herby, spicy, and diesel is one that will be hanging out with you for hours long after you’ve finished smoking it.

Super Skunk

Another strain whose name tells you exactly what you can expect from it smell-wise, indica-dominant Super Skunk’s aroma is exactly that–super skunky. That said, some also describe its fragrance as cheese-like or reminiscent of forest fungus.


Sativa-dominant, Trainwreck, has an unmistakable citrus, pine, and menthol aroma that really starts to make itself known in its growing stages as it matures and flowers. It definitely falls under the category of “dank” and will alert everyone who enters the room of just how powerful of a stank it has.

Blue Cheese

Last but not least on our stinkiest weed roundup is the polarizing Blue Cheese. You either love it or you hate it. Basically, if a strain has “diesel,” “skunk,” or “cheese” in its name, you can safely assume that not only do you have a potent-smeller on your hands, you can also pretty much assume to know at least a good portion of what its aroma is like. An indica-dominant hybrid, Blue Cheese, has a sweet and savory fragrance that smells of blue cheese and blueberries–walking the fine line between being downright dank and stinky in a way that is oddly appealing.

Obviously, this list does not include all of the stinkiest weed strains that exist, as otherwise, you’d be here most of the day reading. A few more where their names just tell you what they smell like are as follows: Cat Piss, Dog Sh**, Lemon Skunk, Cherry Diesel, and Skunky Diesel. And a few where their names don’t hint at their super stanky aromas, such as Space Queen, Northern Lights, Gelato, White Russian, and AK-47.

To reiterate, a strain that is considered to be one of the stinkiest ones out there isn’t meant to discourage you from enjoying it, as, in truth, “stinky” strains are often some of the most enjoyable ones available. Instead, being informed about which strains are renowned for their dank stank is a useful thing to know if, for example, you live in a building that is not 420 friendly or you aren’t wanting to attract the attention of your next-door neighbors if you’re planning to cultivate or light up in your backyard. 

So, if you have yet to try one of the strains included in this list, don’t let its fragrance profile turn you off, but maybe be prepared to open up some windows and have some air freshener nearby or rethink planting your weed crop anywhere near your neighbor’s windows.

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