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Blueberry Autoflowering Seeds

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Everyone loves Blueberry Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Taste aside, this strain is an awesome pick for people seeking relaxation and a bit of euphoria, combined with a moderate amount of CBD.

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A moniker like “Blueberry” may suggest something dainty, but we guarantee there’s nothing demure about this fruit-flavored cannabis strain.

Considered legendary after snagging top honors at the 2000 High Time’s Cannabis Cup, Blueberry auto-flowering marijuana seeds can trace their lineage back to the late 1970s, when American breeders were working with exotic landrace strains.

Coupled with the sweet taste of fresh blueberries, our Blueberry auto-flowering is an almost pure indica, with an 80/20 split (10% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis). Mid-range on the THC scale (it tops out at 16%), you can expect that characteristic relaxation with a long-lasting lightness that can help combat stress.

With colorful flowers and delicious aroma, Blueberry auto-flowering marijuana is decidedly fun to cultivate, and our auto-flowering, feminized version is great for beginners.

If you like your strains juicy and sweet, try Blueberry auto-flowering marijuana seeds today!


Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



80% Indica / 10% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors


To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Blueberry, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






25 reviews for Blueberry Autoflowering Seeds

  1. raynacorin@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    2 of the 3 strains I bought from this seller didn’t germinate. I am a seasoned grower and have no problem germinating viable seeds. I soaked them for 14 hours in water and bagged them with moist paper towel and put them in a warm spot like I always do, it’s been over a week and nothing. I’m pretty disappointed as that’s a waste of $60. My B-52 seeds sprouted within a few days but not the Blueberry autos or the Grand doggy purps.

  2. Sarah L. (verified owner)

    Sumptuous, succulent, and sweet, with a ripe and juicy taste, Blueberry is one of my favorites. Not only is the taste and aroma delectable, but since it’s autoflowering, it’s so easy to grow. I’m a beginner grower, so this is perfect for me. I plant, it transitions to the vegetative and flowering stage, and all that happens without having to switch up lighting cycles. I’ve tried that in the past and can be tricky, so this is the perfect strain for me. This is a 10 out of 10!

  3. Ellen McGee (verified owner)

    I got blueberry MJ online for a cheap price and I cannot stop talking about it! I JUST started growing them, in fact they are still soaking getting ready for planting. Beautiful bud for a low low price, and I am only 3 months away from my very own blueberry stash. Been thrilled to work with Pacific, they have the best selection and BY FAR the best prices online. Great community too 🙂

  4. 9BrightBison (verified owner)

    The plants grew beautifully with full germination. When I finally smoked the strain, I was blown away by the high. It was relaxing and euphoric, perfect for combating stress and pain. Plus, the taste of fresh blueberries added a delicious twist. Definitely recommend giving this strain a try!

  5. HashHeisenberg82 (verified owner)

    Blueberry has been my go-to strain for relaxation and pain relief. The sweet blueberry taste is so enjoyable and the high is euphoric and happy. All of my seeds from Original Harvest Seeds germinated and grew into healthy plants with a decent yield. Overall, a great experience with this easy-to-grow indica strain.

  6. Aliyah Knapp (verified owner)

    Best blueberry strain I have grown to date. This is an excellent choice no matter the occasion. Just roll a nice blunt with this sticky, sweet weed and watch the magic happen. My stress and anxiety melts away, and I am left feeling light, blissful, and excited about life!

  7. HarvestHaven (verified owner)

    Hey friends, just was given some weed seeds from a friend. Said he picked them up from this site. Gifted them to me cause he knows how much I enjoy marijuana. I like growing pot, always have. It’s been a hobby for many years. I like the flavors mostly, it’s a good-tasting plant, but I like a light buzz every now and then. The blueberry flavor and sour smoke is quite relaxing. Good for stuffing into my pipe and smoking with the dog at my feet….right on the porch, where I belong ha!

  8. Adrien Gomez (verified owner)

    Hey all, just wanted to say thanks for the great seeds! I harvest over 300 G yesterday…long day but rewarding and the nug looks and smells so fresh!

  9. Peggy Nava (verified owner)

    So this is something crazy…ordered 10 seeds and they got lost in the mail (ugh). Instead of giving me a hard time about it, Pacific offered a refund or to re-ship FREE OF COST! SUPER accommodating. I ended up having the seeds re-delivered and they are currently growing in the yard. Almost as tall as me!!

  10. Fateh Mcconnell (verified owner)

    Hello! Blueberry is one of those strains that just stays fresh for what feels like forever! Buying online is an amazing resource. It cuts out the middle man and highly reduces the cost! Believe or not, I was somehow able to grow outdoors and STILL got 200- G per plant! Those are some promising returns my friends!

  11. Zee (verified owner)

    So far so good. In week 5, stems look strong with large leafs. Can’t wait for the finished product. PSB is awesome; fast service and delivery. 3rd year buying from them.

  12. Aaron V. (verified owner)

    If there was a more perfect strain than Blueberry I haven’t seen it. Honestly I don’t know why I would grow anything else! The CBD/THC percentages are spot on for my taste, and speaking of taste… this bud is some of the most delicious to smoke that I’ve ever tried. Easy autoflowering seeds that don’t take much to get a great yield! Highly recommend trying Blueberry if you haven’t yet.

  13. Otis K. (verified owner)

    My wife is currently undergoing chemotherapy (very treatable cancer thankfully) and the side effects are quite nasty. I was looking for a quick-to-grow and sweetly flavored marijuana strain to help her combat nausea and the associated stressors that come with her situation. She’s very, very pleased with how Blueberry is helping. She can eat more often than not and the indica dominance definitely helps her fall asleep without too much trouble. I can’t stress enough how wonderful the medicinal applications of this particular strain are.

  14. Duane O. (verified owner)

    The dispensary near me recently closed, so I was unsure about where to get my cannabis seeds from. (I live in the USA where there’s not a dispensary around every corner and where people sometimes still look down their noses at people who smoke pot.) I don’t know why I didn’t think to buy seeds online sooner … the convenience can’t be beat and the PSB folks really know their stuff. Also appreciate that the package comes with very discreet labeling, so nobody knows just what is sitting on my doorstep. Every pot variety I’ve ordered from PSB has been fantastic, so I have good hopes for good ole blueberry. Waiting for the seeds to pop currently, most of them look like they’re about to.

  15. Natalie Y. (verified owner)

    There are a lotta blueberry weeds out there, but this one is probably my fave. Love how easy it was to grow and seeds shipped out super fast! I have like 300 G of nug all to myself now, which I usually smoke at the end of the day to help with stress and insomnia, plus it helps alleviate symptoms of depression as well. Definitely lives up to its name with those bright purple crystals and sweet fruity taste. Like smoking a bowl of fresh berries!

  16. Jhumpa R. (verified owner)

    I like this weed for the slightly lower THC level. I don’t usually like to smoke stuff that’s super potent. I always toke too much and then I regret it…. This is 16% and I think that’s the perfect level for me. My plants grew fast and healthy and I was harvesting in no time. Always a good grow when I order my seeds from here. Best online shop to buy from I think. But see for yourself. This is a good strain if you’re new to growing your own. Went really well indoors and would highly recommend.

  17. Palmer S. (verified owner)

    Loved buying this online, seeds arrived discreetly and quickly. Best way to get seeds in my opinion.
    They’ve outdone themselves with this one. I love a high THC content but I have to be careful about tipping into paranoia. Blueberry has the longest-lasting euphoria I’ve every experienced – hours of feeling soo good and high with NO paranoia. It’s perfect for me because I sersly struggle with high stress in my day to day life. So I was so happy to find this to help me manage. I plan to buy this again.

  18. Whitney R. (verified owner)

    Blueberry is everything I love about weed and none of the stuff I don’t. It’s got a higher CBD ratio than other strains of mj, which helps it hit that sweet spot. Raised up my plants indoors and got a stellar yield. Very happy with my results. This herb is so sweet smelling and tasting. It’s so fun to grow. All my seeds arrived in great shape and they popped fast.

  19. Jack P. (verified owner)

    Everyone in my family loves blueberry mj and now PSB is where we will buy our blueberry seeds from. Great customer service, speedy delivery, good quality cannabis. Blueberry has such pretty blossoms and I loved watching them develop and unfurl on the plants. Wonderful smell, too – juicy and sweet! Love that I can buy these seeds in Canada, planning on buying again.

  20. Dante I. (verified owner)

    Tastes, smells, looks just like blueberries. Grew indoors with a hydroponic system. My plants switched in reliable manner without me having to do anything. These autos are just magic. Makes gardening stress free which I super appreciate because I work two jobs and don’t have a lot of time to tend plants. Blueberry is one of my favorites and I’m ordering it again. Really like the seeds I get from Pacific. It’s the only place I buy from anymore. Very reliable and good service.

  21. Sheila P (verified owner)

    Love love love. First time growing and I’m hooked. I was nervous to start, but when I got these seeds in the mail, they looked perfect. Germination went okay, I lost couple seeds but it might have been due to beginner’s error. They grew really fast and I got some really good bud from these plants. Also, this weed tastes amazing! Just like blueberries. Relaxing high, just as I was hoping for. I want to try growing some other strains, but I think I might keep ordering this one too, just to have it around. Highly recommend.

  22. Martin R. (verified owner)

    for my money (and ain’t a lot of it ??) blueberry the best weed they is. grew it in the closet, smoke it in the morning, feel happy all day. buy dank seeds and grow your own shit you be the most popular dude on the block no lie.

  23. Ella N. (verified owner)

    This MJ tastes exactly like it smells! Really nice blueberry with vanilla flavor, and it smells and looks beautiful. My house has never smelled better haha! About seven weeks to finish flowering indoors (a bit quicker than its fully feminized counterpart) but still an excellent harvest.

    A little low on THC which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for something that tastes like candy that I like to smoke massive quantities of! Low THC but higher CBD makes for a very very relaxing session, and all my aches melt away instantly.

  24. Paula H. (verified owner)

    Probably the most beautiful plant in my entire garden! It’s tall and bushy with these gorgeous purple crystals. Growing this weed was a real trip! I had so much fun I can’t even wait to grow more! Plus the weed is super tasty, great in a bowl or as a J, and a very relaxing strain. Helps me with sleep and anxiety and frankly makes my evenings that much more pleasant. Highly recommend!!

  25. Chad G. (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with this strain. You just can’t. First though, I’m gonna talk about the grow process. Didn’t get a bad seed in the bunch — they all germinated and sprouted fast. Grow time was short and my yield was better than expected. But most importantly, I wanna talk about the smoke. I love smoking Blueberry because of its slightly higher CBD percentage. I just think it adds a little something extra to an already great high. I smoke recreationally but it doesn’t hurt to have a little therapeutic medical quality to my weed. Good stuff!

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