We believe in science over here at Pacific Seed Bank. The science behind marijuana and the science behind COVID vaccines. In certain states, you can actually partake in both in a single afternoon. Multiple states are now offering free joints as an incentive for getting the vaccine as it’s the only way we’ll be able to get back to “normal.”

The Vaccination Goal

Even though researchers claim the goal of “herd immunity” is out the window due to all the emerging COVID variants, lawmakers have still set a 70% vaccination rate as the target. It was initially President Joe Biden who pushed that number by the Fourth of July weekend. According to CNBC, 12 states have crossed that threshold

  • California
  • Maryland
  • Vermont
  • Pennsylvania
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • New Mexico
  • New Hampshire
Free Joints

COVID Vaccine Incentives

Where other states are lagging behind, governors have put into place a list of incentives that may entice skeptical citizens to get vaccinated. The incentives vary from state to state but they include college scholarships, fishing and hunting licenses, tickets to county fairs, free joints, free beer, checks worth upward of $50,000, and other prizes.

Let’s say you are hesitant to get the vaccine. Would any of these incentives change your mind? What would it take for you to get the vaccine? Come on, everybody has their price. Name your number and there may be a state that can match it.

When Pfizer and Moderna first hit the American market, it was nearly impossible to schedule a vaccine appointment. But after a few months, the vaccination pace dramatically slowed, which may prevent certain states from reaching that goal of 70%. Lawmakers and community leaders have turned to creative incentives to (hopefully) bump the vaccination rate up again.

Free Joints

Where to Get Free Joints

We should state the obvious that the only states offering free joints are the ones that have legalized marijuana. Ergo, you likely won’t find free joint incentives in Mississippi or Iowa. Washington, on the other hand, recently set up a “Joints For Jabs” program alongside the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board. The program runs through July 12 and “and allows state-licensed dispensaries to give qualifying customers one pre-rolled joint at an in-store vaccination clinic.”

Now that Arizona legalized marijuana, residents can head to Mint Cannabis Dispensary (all three locations) for their free joints. They’re calling it the “Snax for Vax” campaign because you can also pick up a free edible along with your joint. That sounds like a steal to us!

The big question is, “Are people actually motivated by marijuana to get the vaccine? Is that enough of an incentive?” Just as the Mint Cannabis Dispensary. “We had a lot of people coming in and asking us, ‘I don’t have (the vaccine), where do I get it,’” said chief operating officer Raul Molina. “And that’s what led to this.”

“A lot of [people] come in to get their medication, so we figured we could kill two birds with one stone. We can help some of our patients out, hopefully, some of the ones that need it the most.”

At one point, New York was offering free joints for vaccines on 4/20, the national weed holiday. It seems that “green” window is now closed but Gov. Andrew Cuomo has come up with other freebies to motivate people. “State parks will now be offering free passes with access to any of New York’s 16 state parks to anyone who gets the vaccine this week at a state park vaccination site, a campaign Cuomo dubbed “a shot in the park.”

Free Joints

What Would It Take for You to Get Vaccinated?

If you’re still on the fence about getting the vaccine, is there anything that would motivate you to do so? States like Ohio have announced lotteries with a ONE MILLION DOLLAR prize. California, West Virginia, and Maryland also have their own lotteries. Some of you may be persuaded by the once-in-a-lifetime prizes but there will always remain a handful that will not get vaccinated no matter what for their own personal reasons. From our perspective, we’ll do pretty much anything for free joints.

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