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Green Crack Feminized Seeds

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Green Crack weed seeds offer THC levels of around 24%, this makes it a potent strain that is best reserved for experienced consumers. This sativa-dominant strain packs an energetic punch that may leave users feeling alert and mentally focused.

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Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds are derived from the infamous strain known for its energizing effects. Originating from California, this sativa-dominant hybrid offers a powerful punch with THC levels averaging around 20-24% which even gets Snoop Dogg high! Its citrusy and tropical flavor profile delights the palate, while its invigorating aroma uplifts the senses. Green Crack cannabis hybrid induces an energetic and focused high, promoting creativity and productivity, making it the ultimate daytime strain! This strain is a go-to choice for those seeking potent effects, and an uplifting experience that leaves them feeling motivated and mentally alert.

What are the Potent Effects of Green Crack Feminized Seeds?

  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Uplifting
  • Focused

Snoop Dogg renamed Green Crack Feminized Seeds, but the original name of this beautiful marijuana plant was called Green Kush, but whatever you want to call these weed seeds, this high-yield strain will make you high and is an excellent choice for those looking for happiness. The sativa dominance will come through once you notice all the energizing qualities that most sativa cannabis connoisseurs are looking for!

Green Crack marijuana delivers an uplifting, euphoric, and focused high that will make other marijuana strains jealous! This ideal strain stimulates creativity, boosts productivity, and enhances mental alertness. With potent THC levels, it provides an uplifting experience that leaves users motivated and energized. Green Crack is a popular choice for those seeking a cerebral and invigorating cannabis experience with long-lasting effects.

What do Green Crack Marijuana Plants Look Like?

If cannabis growers purchase quality seeds, then your Green Crack marijuana plants should be quite strong plant! Green Crack marijuana plants typically exhibit vibrant green foliage with tightly packed, resinous buds. These cannabis plants have slender, elongated leaves and can grow tall. The buds are often dense and coated in sticky trichomes, offering a visual indication of the strain’s potency.

How do I grow Green Crack Seeds?

To grow Green Crack marijuana seeds, germinate them in a damp paper towel until they sprout. Once the germination process is complete, plant the cannabis seeds in well-draining soil or a hydroponic system. Provide ample light, maintaining a temperature between 70-80°F (21-27°C). Regularly water and fertilize the plants, ensuring proper airflow, and the flowering time should be a little after 8 weeks. Harvest your Green Crack seeds when the buds are mature and resinous.

What does Green Crack marijuana taste like?

Green Crack marijuana offers a distinct flavor profile. Its citrus aroma and tropical fruit undertones delight the taste buds with a refreshing and zesty exotic fruit experience. The tangy and sweet notes of citrus blend harmoniously with hints of tropical fruits, creating a mouthwatering combination. Green Crack’s flavorful terpenes contribute to its overall appeal, enhancing the cannabis experience.

When to Harvest Your Green Crack marijuana plants

The ideal harvest time for Green Crack marijuana plants depends on the desired effects and yield. Indoor growers typically harvest around 8-9 weeks into the flowering phase when trichomes are milky white. Outdoor growers harvest in early to mid-October, ensuring the plants receive ample sunlight. Green Crack is known to be a high-yielding strain, producing around 18-20 ounces per square meter indoors, and will get even more for an outdoor yield. Its vigorous growth and generous harvest make it a popular choice among growers.

Similar Feminized Seeds for Sale to Green Crack Marijuana

  • Super Sour Diesel, like Green Crack, Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain with energizing effects.
  • Super Lemon Haze feminized seeds share similarities with Green Crack in terms of the uplifting effects and flavor of citrus fruit.
  • Jack Herer feminized seeds feature earthy and pine flavors, reminiscent of Green Crack’s herbal undertones.
  • Durban Poison feminized seeds share Green Crack’s ability to enhance focus and productivity, and it features a sweet and spicy flavor profile.
  • Kosher Tangie feminized seeds also share creative effects and a high yield.

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Focused, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors

550-650 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






82 reviews for Green Crack Feminized Seeds

  1. Bella Frost (verified owner)

    Green Crack is extra potent with a 24% THC level, so this is one you have to brace yourself for. You’ll feel punchy effects that are long-lasting and very powerful. But, don’t be fooled – it doesn’t sedate you, it makes you feel energetic and focused and makes you ready to do anything you need to do. You’ll feel alert and motivated.

  2. Cheryl Huffman (verified owner)

    High-energy sativa for when I have a long day and have slept poorly….which happens a lot actually!

    I love growing my weed, it”s my escape and my rebellion from the corporate world….I have been making serious $$ for years but have been left unfulfilled by my work (Target corporate) and I need MJ as way to escape.

    Pacific offers an amazing variety and ways to feel less terrible about my choice to sell my soul to corporate America 🙂

  3. G. Phillips (verified owner)

    Potency is abound in this one with a whopping 24%. That means you’ll definitely feel the effects. A word of warning – this is not for newbies. You need to be experienced to handle this one because it is not for the faint of heart. Once it hits, you’re going to feel heightened alertness and focus.

  4. Claudia Rice (verified owner)

    Powerful sativa, great for smoking in the afternoon. I quit caffeine a year ago and need some high octane MJ to help me stay awake during the afternoon crash. It’s great for my mental health and helps me concentrate on work. I work from home so this is all kosher and my boss will never know HA! Trust your instincts when it comes to working with this pot, it’s a little tricky at the beginning but overall is looking great!

  5. Lilliana Grant (verified owner)

    Green Crack is an energizing and uplifting strain that provides a strong head high without feeling overwhelming. It helped me combat my depression and fatigue, giving me a burst of motivation and focus. The taste is a delicious combination of citrus, earthy, and sweet flavors.

  6. Eulalia Riley (verified owner)

    Makes my eyes water and my body tingle….I can feel it from head to toe….gives me that sweet and slithery burst of energy that makes me feel light on my feet….such a relief! Most things are so expensive these days, but Pacific always has the best options to save you $$$! Great choice if you’re new to pot and need a wee bit of a head start. Feminized seeds are the BEST for working with. Peace!

  7. Seraphina Monroe (verified owner)

    If you ever need that late-afternoon burst of energy, don’t sleep on this one….grow the Green Crack! If taken in small doses, can make you feel energized, clear-headed and creative…..but if you do TOO much, you’ll find yourself feeling a little bit anxious and paranoid. Fresh bud for all, and definitely better than the dispo. Saves me TONS of money on buying weed, and honestly a lot less plastic from packaging and doob tubes. If anything, I am just happy to have this weed in my yard and on my side!

  8. Aryanna Norton (verified owner)

    Hard to find green crack out on the streets. This weed is the perfect daytime smoke, one that lands me an uplifting feeling, a sweet and relaxing energy, and of course, that tasty tasty nug.
    Fresh MJ is a blessing. It is healing for the mind and body. You need to be careful when you smoke cause it isn’t great for sleep, but if you like a good wake and bake, Green crack is your new best friend.

  9. Maddox Franco (verified owner)

    Gets me nice and high and for a fraction of the price of dispensary MJ.
    Great purchase if you’re new to weed and trying to do something in your garden or basement. A very adaptable strain.
    Has a green glow to it, an aura unlike anything else. It smokes like crazy. Gets me wicked high, and makes me extra creative!

  10. Frederick Soto (verified owner)

    Most addictive strain I ever had, no wonder they named it Green Crack! Just can’t get enough! With the easy growing process and great taste I’m happy to be able to keep in high supply of this seed!

  11. TokeTycoon420 (verified owner)

    Green Crack has a very nice light mellow high to it and I really liked the mental stimulation from this strain. The plants yielded some great hefty yields and I was very happy with how fast these plants flower.

  12. Dixie Cox (verified owner)

    This is one of the better sativas on the internet. I like buying this weed online. It’s helpful for stress, anxiety, depression, you name it. It can be a little jittery, no doubt, but one of my favorite buys for how EASY it is to cultivate. YUM!

  13. IceKnight (verified owner)

    Green Crack is one of my top 3 strains, I love the energetic focused high it gives me. So I was delighted to find the seeds here for sale. Got them in the mail last week and Have them sprouted and growing currently. Pacific Seed Bank gave me quality seeds without a single one dead and I like the packaging they used to make sure the seeds won’t get damaged on the way.

  14. Tessa Francis (verified owner)

    This weed is like drinking a cup of coffee…then off to the races! My mind runs a mile a minute on this strain. Really glad I was able to buy online. UGH saved me like so much DOSH my good feathered friends. If ONLY I could take pics and brag about how amazing my weed plants are, you’d be so jealous of me. Just look at these crystals. Oh wait, you cant!

  15. LunarKnight (verified owner)

    An excellent strain with a great high, Green Crack was cracked out with how fast and large it grew. Definitely an addictive strain with how nice the high is, uplifting with a nice energetic feel to it. The great taste and great high makes this an amazing smoke for any stoner.

  16. Nebula6Nomad (verified owner)

    Green Crack Seeds is the go-to choice for those seeking potent, energizing effects and an uplifting experience. With THC levels ranging from 20-24%, this sativa-dominant strain promotes creativity and productivity, making it perfect for daytime use.

  17. Susannah Hulme (verified owner)

    Hello friends! JUST finished growing my weed. It took about 12 weeks, and it was honestly a great experience! The weed has come out fresh and in great abundance!! Nothing feels quite as good as a fresh bowl of marijuana. The nug just tastes….clean! I mean, I have been buying from dispensaries for years, and this was the best investment I made for my money!

  18. Nabiha Savage (verified owner)

    Man, smoking green crack is like taking a shot of espresso right to the brain! I smoke this and I am sent into overdrive. Freaking awesome! Very beautiful and delicious weed. It’s like, an amazing accomplishment. I always thought I was USELESS in the garden, especially cause my wife tells me so all the time. BUT I took the initiative and bought my own MJ, purchased it online, soaked the seeds overnight, planted them in the yard, pruned, watered, fertilized, and eventually HARVESTED my own bud, almost 600 G worth of fresh green flower….so take THAT my wife of 30 years!

  19. Alexandria Dawson (verified owner)

    If you like sativa, then you’ll like green crack. It’s too much for me. I had success growing the seeds, it was a fun process, but the weed is sour and it gives me a headache. Still quality, just not my thing.

  20. Tahmina Davey (verified owner)

    Opening up my eyes to the world of dank weed! I burned through my supply like in 2 months lol. And that was 400 Gs! I guess I need to expand my operation. I am actually planning on growing my own pot in a greenhouse this coming summer. It’s going to be totally awesome! I truly can’t wait to get this weed growing at home. So nice and tasty yum!!!

  21. Salim T. (verified owner)

    Green Crack is part of a balanced breakfast. It’s a very intense flavor, sour and a little bitter, but hits quickly and with a rush of sativa energy. Makes my heart pound quickly, my eyes focus, and my brain buzz with electric creativity. Sometimes the smoke can be harsh, which does kind of mess up my lungs for the afternoon. I find smoking without butane is the right way to consume cannabis. Remove the toxins from the equation and you have a much cleaner experience.

  22. Junayd Wood (verified owner)

    Get revved up on Green Crack weed from pacific!!! This stuff is so highly delicious, it may be considered DANGEROUS!!! Just kidding, it’s gentle as a lamb and does great things for my stress and depression levels. I am VERY involved in the weed growing community online and everyone says the same thing “pacific has the best seeds.” They are right!!

  23. Shyam Watt (verified owner)

    Time for things to get a little sweeter! I bought myself 10 seeds and they shipped right to my apartment. They look good so far. I am literally just growing them in front of a window. They’re doing great! Sunlight all day!! I am looking forward to my very first homegrown batch of marijuana.

  24. Ameer Mcdaniel (verified owner)

    Smooth Operator!!! This weed is bright and powerful. Gets me through my day like every day!!! I feel like I can get work done and finally concentrate on my creative endeavors and projects. Really excited to be a part of the Pacific seeds family. They hook me up like my old weed dealer in NYC used to LOL

  25. Hamza Everett (verified owner)

    Love me sweet dose of this green crack in the morning. Nothing speaks to me like having this weed in my back pocket, lighting up a self-rolled joint, and walking around the city in the morning. Makes the morning commute much more enjoyable, and honestly it keeps me productive and focused throughout the day. Great site here!!

  26. Kingsley Wicks (verified owner)

    Some green crack in the morning is gonna wake you right up. It’s better than coffee and OJ. Smoking mj is a hobby of mine. One of my favorite ways to relax. It’s fun to grow, no doubt. I love the way it just kinda grows like any weed.

  27. Michelle Norman (verified owner)

    You know it, you love it, Green Crack Marijuana from pacific Seeds!! This high-energy sativa was the perfect grow. It showed up in a cute little airtight container and after soaking all night went into the soil directly. When things warmed up, the weed just showed up like magic, and the buds took about 6 months to form. I have mountains of marijuana! I LOVE that Pacific is so easy to order online and basically ships anywhere in the USA!

  28. Ariella Sims (verified owner)

    Green crack in the morning is better than coffee. It’s a sour strain with a bit of a harsh smoke…Really gives me a head rush! I harvested almost 800 Gs from my little baby plants…they grew so tall and bushy, I feel like I didn’t have to put in much work at all. I felt like the plants basically cared for themselves in my greenhouse. Definitely gonna buy more.

  29. Zakir Blundell (verified owner)

    Green crack may be the best strain on the internet. It’s got flavor, it’s got spunk, and it gets me STONED. I LOve smoking this homegrown ganja. Me and my roomies all grew it together, great teamwork. Can’t wait to buy more, feeling real good about it!

  30. Sofija Zavala (verified owner)

    Green crack will probably revolutionize the way you smoke weed. This is an excellent morning smoke, with some beautiful mental health effects, like stress and depression relief. Gives me a BURST of energy, perfect before I go off to work. I feel much more productive AND relaxed, a winning combo!

  31. Mehreen Bowes (verified owner)

    I usually get pretty fatigued around 3 pm and coffee just doesn’t cut it! Luckily I was recommended this site from a friend and I decided to grow my own green crack mj, definitely been a great experience overall! Fast shipping and even germination. makes for a great summer project. Very exciting.

  32. Kier Morgan (verified owner)

    I get tired real easy. Need some mj to help revitalize me during the afternoons.

    Green crack is easy growing. Fast shipping and easy germination. Feeling pretty rad about this stuff. I am now swimming in bud, more than I ever expected, and I am sharing with friends and family to balance to haul.

  33. Fatema Cousins (verified owner)

    This green crack weed is gonna blow your mind, and then make way for an extremely relaxing evening. Spend it with some friends, your girlfriend, or your dog. I loooove this sweet and relaxing weed, just cause it’s so nice to grow, and just cause it’s a miracle to have this in my life. Well worth the effort and definitely a good buy from an online store!!!

  34. Misha O’Doherty (verified owner)

    If you read any of the above reviews, you’ll know how special this weed really is. I have always been on board with the green crack, and I love it’s vibey green times! Good for surfing or just chilling out on my back patio. I smoke it and then just vibe out super hard. I am never disappointed by my grow, even if the yield is a little small!

  35. Dolly Armstrong (verified owner)

    Let this sweet and dank weed slide into your life, and lemme tell ya you will not be let down. This is the perfect lazy afternoon strain, with a heavy smoke and a deep sativa buzz that makes any creative activity much better!! I am a painter and all the colors on my canvas are just POPPING off the page, gotta smile every time!

  36. Owais Stein (verified owner)

    This green crack weed is where the magic happens. I smoke this and everything feels like a cartoon. All the edges are blurred, all the colors are drippy and weird. I feel like I may have done LSD instead. OMG!!!! No wait, that’s just the quality of this homegrown weed. I love Pacific!!!

  37. Albi Griffith (verified owner)

    This green crack strain is gonna blow your mind!!! I worked on growing it with my friend and it went like suuuuuper well! I got like 800 grams from 3 plants, more than enough to last me the winter, and it helps tremendously with pain and stress and depression. I LOOOOOOoove marijuana, and I am just so happy to be growing my own now. Thanks Pacific!!

  38. Reon Finch (verified owner)

    Green crack!

    My fave weed 🙂

    I love my kitty :p

  39. Alara Delgado (verified owner)

    I just smoked a joint of this yesterday…has a nice vibe and gives me the munchies. GREAT before getting a nice meal or cooking for yourself. You;ll be really excited to just see this plant growing in the backyard, it’s about as difficult as making tomatoes happen, so give it a shot and you’ll see for yourself!!!

  40. Joanne Wilson (verified owner)

    This was never a choice for me….once I saw green crack on the website I was like CLICK Yes please!! By far my favorite strain….makes for an AWESOME backyard grow…smells pretty awesome too, and gives me a really good vibe. Will definitely buy some more of this strain cause Pacific Bank HOOKS. YOU. UP!!!

  41. Paloma Hulme (verified owner)

    Green crack will definitely get you jazzed up for some creative work or some other exciting venture. Gives me a whole lot of energy, and keeps me feeling nice and strong. I ordered it online, had it shipped to my place here in Seattle and I am growing it like a pro, right on my balcony. Has a strooooong smell, but dang if it doesn’t feel great!

  42. Lilith Burch (verified owner)

    So much to say about this weed, and so little time. Working with a sativa has made all the difference in my energy levels. I feel much more focused at work, much more grounded throughout my day, and much happier in general. It’s no more difficult to raise than any other garden plant or tree and I am sure you’ll do great 🙂

  43. Reanna Barajas (verified owner)

    gonna get you sooooo high amazing buy for the price and helps me sleep and deal with stress I totally love it and I am very thrilled to have this weed in my life gonna buy some more today and just throw it in the ground and see what happens!!!

  44. Kaydon Kirby (verified owner)

    I get all jazzed up when I smoke the green crack…it’s my energy drink for the day haha. Fun to grow and smells like lemons!

  45. Suzanna Watts (verified owner)

    I worship this strain….it’s what gets me through the day most days of my life. I get really into the sweet and sour taste and the amazingly fast acting bud. I take one toke and I am off in outer space, it’s fantastic. Pacific has some amazing seeds you can buy online, and every one of them is good. I just love the bright green colors on this one 🙂

  46. Arun Downes (verified owner)

    Green crack is hella nice, gets me very stoned and puts me in an excellent mood. I really dig the taste and smell mostly cause it’s just all around awesome and I need it to feel like a beautiful man, and that’s okay cause life is just wonderful, and I am very pleased with the results cause PSB is always on point!

  47. Rolando Aguirre (verified owner)

    Yes indeed this green crack weed is where it’s at!! I love its sour flavor and buzzy vibes…it helps me stay focused and balance my chi, and it even helps me meditate for longer and reach greater depths of understanding. I have been very satisfied with my purchase, definitely a gift to myself, and will keep buying more!!

  48. Walter Flynn (verified owner)

    There’s nothing quite like green crack in the morning. I don’t like smoking weed, but I do love growing it. I just love this plant, it’s so colorful and it makes me smile from ear to ear, and my wife loves this weed, she smokes it in the morning with her coffee, even though I say she cant!!! That’s ok, I love my wife, and things have never been better!

  49. Aidanm (verified owner)

    Green crack is a wowza strain with all kinds of hidden powers that make you feel like a wizard. I am so down for smoking this weed any time of day, I am known as the “resident” stoner at work, and the supplier of goods to my fellow co-workers. I know, I am a bad influence, but when you are growing weed this good, you gotta share!

  50. f83jf0nv74 (verified owner)

    This stuff wakes me right up, I feel like a million bucks when I get on the high horse and start getting super blazed. I smoke daily to manage pain and stress, and want to try again and again to grow better weed indoors. My plants turned out kinda leggy, so I need to grow them closer to the light! I am pretty stoked though about how it all came together, beautiful looking flower!

  51. Tight Smokes (verified owner)

    Green crack is like a shot of espresso in the morning. It’s some long lasting energy and a beautiful buzz that lasts all day long. I smoke it before i go to work in the evening, cause it makes me concentrate better and stay awake the long hours at the bar. Also it’s just fun 🙂

  52. Derby (verified owner)

    Green crack is a nice strain….a lot more relaxing than crack lol. It’s pretty dope…makes me feel real relaxed….helps me like stay focused on work or whatever….I mean I work at the car wash and I smoke it right in the morning to help me wake up….Then I am washing cars all day…pretty easy honestly and the weed puts me in a good mood 🙂

  53. @nutbuttahs (verified owner)

    The green crack is totally boss, and I love its amazing green color and its super sour smell. It’s nice to have this stuff in my basement cause now the whole house is smelling like fresh weed, and when it’s time to harvest everyone in my house gets into the basement and trims. It’s like a holiday for sure and I am very excited for the next batch that’s rolling in right now!

  54. Maui (verified owner)

    It’s a kick in the MOUTH. I mean get pumped yall cause green crack is like addictive for your soul. This stuff is powerful and intense, makes for a great spliff or a blunt, like dang I get so baked off this and I reek like weed and hit on girls at the slammer tavern and hope it works out in my favor and when I tell the girls I grow my own weed, naturally they wanna see my garden. Thanks Pacific!

  55. scentedsensations (verified owner)

    I don’t know about you but I can’t be drinking coffee all day, but I can be smoking the green crack for energy. I smoke this almost every morning while I am eating breakfast. Helps me tremendously with stress and anxiety, and also gives me the boost of energy I need to stay focused and productive at work. I keep a pretty active garden, so this stuff is a real asset to my collection of other herbs and veggies. Excellent yield, too.

  56. HOYAS (verified owner)

    Get a nice little mood boost in the middle of the day with this amazing weed. It’s green and strong and yep, it’s addictive! I smoke it all the live long day to help curb my stress and anxiety and put me in a good mood before going to work. I love the way it makes me feel, so alert and focused and really happy to be alive, such a strong smoke too, so nice to have around!

  57. bugge (verified owner)

    Just got around to harvesting this weed and let me tell ya it’s really something special. It’s incredibly sour, so get ready for lip-puckering goodness that helps with anxiety, stress and depression. It’s also GREAT for my ADD symptoms. I am incredibly focused when I smoke this, even productive, which isn’t usually synonymous with weed. I smoke it on my lunch break to get through the afternoon at work, great buy 😉

  58. shayy65 (verified owner)

    When it’s time to smoke and you want something that’ll wake you up and keep you running for hours, turn to the Green Crack and you’ll find everything looks a little brighter! I smoked some of this weed before writing this review and the words are just streaming onto the page! My creativity is up and my fatigue is a thing of the past, and now I feel like I can be more productive at work! Fun to grow this as well, a great little gardening project. Absolutely stunning!

  59. Gregg Knee (verified owner)

    This stuff is hella uplifting, gives me a great head buzz and makes me a little jittery which can be good for creative enedavors such as writing and painting. Helps with stress but it can make me kinda paranoid when I smoke too much so keep that in mind, but it’s pure sativa, really solid stuff for those days when it’s just hard to stay focused and you don’t want to go to work. Growing it was pretty fun, but I am an avid gardener and love this stuff anyway. Helpful in all situations!

  60. Bhangra (verified owner)

    Used to buy this strain from the dispensary and really loved it. I decided to finally just grow my own to save some $$$ and it worked super well! I ordered online with Pacific and the seeds arrived in no time. I germinated them using the grow guide on this site, and the grow was super smooth from then on. Plus the taste of this weed is nice and sour and earthy, really shocks the senses, and wakes me up!!!

  61. Sean (verified owner)

    Green crack is an incredible strain. Everyone who smokes my batch says so…It’s fresh and sour and dank, the buds are sticky and colorful and crystalline. They grew beautifully in my basement, pretty fast too, only took about 4 months to flowering. Great yield too, probably nearing 800 grams between my 3 plants, got a nice storage space for my nugs to keep em fresh. I love what I have here. Great product, highly recommend!

  62. bianca (verified owner)

    This stuff really kicks my butt into gear. It’s strong and pungent, has a great sour taste to it as well, and the trichomes are super colorful and will definitely engage your stoned mind lol! Nice experience ordering from PSB, everything shipped out directly to my door. High quality seeds that all germinated quickly. I feel very excited about my harvest as well, super huge! Couldn’t ask for anything more!

  63. bidden83777 (verified owner)

    What a beautiful strain of mj! The trichomes are so colorful! I loved growing this on my own, got a nice yield, somewhere between 400 and 500 grams per plant, and It’s been great for my depression and fatigue as well. I smoke in the AM, at lunch, and after I get off work to keep the good vibes through the day. It’s actually improved my work performance and helps me stay focused and be creative too! Great buy, thanks PSB!

  64. ariana (verified owner)

    This is a surprisingly balanced buzz. When I bought it, I was expecting the sativa elements to knock me off my feet, but turns out it’s pretty nice and balanced. Love the easy going high, keeps me relaxed but very alert, perfect for creative endeavors like painting or drawing and really gets me feeling a little more like myself. My bf did a lot of the growing, but it went pretty darn well for both of us. I am very pleased with this weed!

  65. carrie (verified owner)

    Have struggled a lot with depression over the years. The pills don’t help but weed definitely does. It helps me relax and stay positive, also helps me gain insight. Green crack has been great for my energy levels. I feel great going to work and smoking some at my lunch break too. It’s a nice blend of energy and focus, and the bud is super sour and delicious as well. I will definitely be back for more!

  66. Simon Keller (verified owner)

    A powerful strain of weed! It’s some delicious stuff that keeps me going for hours! I really dig the sativa vibes of this stuff. Remarkably sour and potent. Smells very strong! Yummmm! Ordered from PSB and they really delivered right to my door! Excellent buy!

  67. Preston Ward (verified owner)

    SUCH amazing weed! I grew this plant in my backyard and let me tell ya this stuff is no joke! It gets super tall and bushy, really something special about it, very orange and yellow and green! Plus it’s super great for depression and anxiety, the sativa properties make it super nice for getting work done or feeling more at ease with life. I am happy with this strain!

  68. jackweedz (verified owner)

    I am definitely more of a sativa lover, and this weed really scratches the itch. Very potent stuff, you can smell it for miles and it’s a great backyard grow, neon green leaves I’ve never seen anything like it! A very impressive high, makes me feel like I am floating, running a million miles an hour! Such good times, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  69. Jamal D. (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a strong high that’s gonna give you the energy you need to conquer your work day, this is it! Green crack has been a personal favorite of mine for years but this was my first time growing it myself. I want to try again cause I only got like 2 seeds to germ, but my plants were stellar and the weed was top shelf!

  70. Denise M. (verified owner)

    I asked my sis where to buy cannabis seeds from and she recommended Pacific Seeds. She said the seeds are great quality and the germination guarantee is superb. I followed her advice and she was totally right. Then I asked her which strains I should get and she said green crack is good for a beginner like me. Again, big sis for the winning advice! Green crack grew great on my back patio and the high is very, very nice! I’m still new to the cannabis world, but I know I’ll buy seeds fromm Pacific again.

  71. Felicity Y. (verified owner)

    Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this, but I use green crack cannabis to help me focus when I’m writing my dissertation. It’s so hard to focus up these days – there are so many distractions from family to friends to TV to video games. I’m really apprececiative something like this is around or I might never get this thing done! The high isn’t so out there that I’m in outer space – it’s just right for working on projects. I actually think it improves my writing a bit, it’s like the words just come when I’m on GC mj. Awesome grow – not too difficult, either.

  72. Kiera E. (verified owner)

    This is a crazy strain of weed, gets you super high and makes you feel a little crazy in the head. Personally I love it, but it may not be for novice smokers. A lot of fun to grow, did so in my backyard, and gives a nice sized harvest as well. Smells amazing, super potent and tastes really sour. Definitely worth a go!

  73. Clarence S. (verified owner)

    This weed gets you super messed up. Like don’t smoke it before going to work or something, too powerful. A lot of fun and easy to grow, produces a lot of weed, and it smells super sour and strong. I love the way this weed makes me think, super fast! I get a lot of work done at home on this weed, great for creative thinking.

  74. drdan541 (verified owner)

    You’d think this strain would have you feeling jittery and spazzed out, but the opposite is true. When I smoke green crack, I actually feel a boost of focus and motivation, an even keeled high that lasts for a long time and helps me get through the day. A beautiful plant, grew right in the backyard and had great success, even my neighbors were impressed. Pacific has a great online selection, I’ll be back for more!

  75. Trey E. (verified owner)

    My first strain to grow! My friend warned me it was tricky to flower but as long as you keep the climate consistent it was no problem. I’m glad I choose this one to grow as this weed was so pleasant – a nearly perfect mix of sativa and indica. Very energizing and made me feel stress-free. Awesome job, Pacific!

  76. oneluvjah1000 (verified owner)

    Personally, this weed makes me feel a little bit too intense. But my significant other loves it. So what do I do? I grow it so that my partner will be happy. That’s what I do. My seeds arrived fast in the mail. Love the shipping — it’s nice and discreet! So far I’ve got to say that I’m pretty happy with my order, even if its’ not for me. I’m more partial to the indicas so I’ll probably be putting in a hefty kush order pretty soon.

  77. Jackson Rash (verified owner)

    Green Crack is just how it sounds. It is crack. Only legal! Haha. Love this shit. Could go on a cleaning bender all day, or run the treadmill like I’m in a hamster wheel. Pay attention to these little buds when you’re growing em. Easy one to mess up, so only giving 4 stars. Great, stress-free high. Got me doing all kinds of things. Want to be efficient and productive? Get on the crack. Shipping was FAST.

  78. Jermaine J. (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of this weed. Seriously. Like everyone wants it. I can’t grow enough! Definitely gonna put in a bigger order next time. Short flowering time and the buds developed quickly. Faster than I thought actually. Had to be on top of things a little bit but all in all my harvest came out pretty good. Gonna hone my skills a little bit for next time.

  79. Zachary K. (verified owner)

    Very potent pot for a powerful, cerebral high. Green crack is an awesome sativa for a euphoric, wonderful head high. Good news is that you don’t need to be a super skilled grower to a get good yield from green crack mj. I really love this strain, I will for sure order more of these seeds.

  80. Salvador C. (verified owner)

    Such awesome bud!!!! I’ve been growing for a long time but I still like ordering easy strains cuz I’m lazy, lol. Plus I travel a lot and have to rely on other people to tend my plants. This is a strain of mj that I really love taking with me to parties. It makes everybody happy and I just love the energy you get from this weed. Good to smoke when you’re feeling tired or worn out. Green Crack is like getting a second wind.

  81. Will D. (verified owner)

    Green Crack is my get-things-done cannabis of choice (that or Jack H). Growing it was a breeze. Just…boom. Big ol’ buds of THC-heavy goodness. I got a super-big yield too, so I’ve been spreading the love around. A couple people at work now smile when they see me a give me a knowing look, a look that says “thanks for the excellent weed, Bro.”

  82. Cameron O. (verified owner)

    I feel like the name of this strain is misleading. Yes, it’s super green but it doesn’t hit you like crack LOL. The buzz off this weed is super duper chill and easygoing. It has helped me relax throughout my day, giving my mind an extra burst of creative energy and my body an extra dose of relaxation. I feel pretty proud of my grow, got a solid 500 G from my plant, which will last me like…forever HA! So i kind of beat the system in that way, good weed at a great price!

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