Marijuana Seeds for Sale in St. Paul

Do you want to buy marijuana seeds online, but don’t know where to look? Pacific Seed Bank has got you covered! We are the #1 place to buy marijuana seeds in St. Paul. As North America’s leading online retailer of cannabis seeds, we carry over 100 strains of fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds for you to choose from. All of our high quality cannabis seeds are tested in the lab to ensure genetic quality, hand picked, and shipped directly to your door. We offer fast and discreet delivery with tracking on every order. 

It’s Cold in St. Paul, so Maybe Grow Inside

We’ve always said that growing marijuana indoors is a lot easier than outdoors for a number of reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to worry as much about the weather or temperature when growing in a protected, secure grow room. Elements such as rain, wind, and snow won’t play a role in your growing process. Just make sure your grow room is large enough to accommodate your marijuana plants — that means having high enough ceilings and wide-open space. Marijuana plants won’t thrive in a cramped space.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Blue Dream Autoflowering

Ace of Spades FeminizedPurple Kush AutofloweringShiatsu Kush Feminized
THC Level20%18%18%
Flowering Time50-60 days40-50 days60-70 days

Buy Killer Grape Marijuana Seeds Online

Don’t worry, this cannabis strain isn’t as frightening as its name might lead you to believe. Killer Grape is an even, balanced hybrid that is highly recommended for afternoon use, though some experienced cannabis users may even enjoy Killer Grape in the morning hours. Killer Grape’s THC concentration typically weighs in at around seventeen percent and this strain is a bit subtle right off the bat. Some minor tingling sensations will be evident first, which will then shift into a mental feeling of joy and creativity. Some enjoy using Killer Grape in social settings, but others prefer to spend time checking items off of their to-do list if they are feeling especially productive.


Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana Plants in St. Paul?

Sadly, at this time recreational marijuana use is still prohibited in St. Paul, although the state of Minnesota did legalize the use of medical marijuana in 2014. However, at this time medical marijuana cardholders are not legally allowed to grow their own marijuana plants. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy seeds, though; ungerminated marijuana seeds are considered adult novelty gifts or collector’s items, making it legal to buy and own them. Not sure where to find seeds? Look no further than Pacific Seed Bank! We stock dozens of strains of fully feminized, ungerminated cannabis seeds in our online inventory. Read up on each strain’s detailed description page to find the seeds that are right for you!

Is Marijuana Considered Safe?

Although it depends on the individual using it, it’s relatively safe to say that marijuana is harmless. For the most part, it is not habit-forming, and in some cases, has been said to contain essential nutrients for optimal health. Although THC has long been sought for its euphoria-enhancing properties, CBD is non-psychoactive and will block the uptake of THC, rendering the hallucinogenic effects of this cannabinoid useless. If you want to experience the benefits of marijuana without the discomfort of getting high, opt for strains that are high in CBD.

What are Autoflowering Seeds?

Perfect for first time growers, autoflowering seeds take the guesswork out of growing marijuana plants. Traditionally, marijuana plants have three stages; germination, vegetative, and flowering. Most marijuana plants require a careful schedule of exposure to light and darkness in order to change from the vegetative to the flowering stage, with intervention from the grower; autoflowering plants are a little different. These plants will automatically shift from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, regardless of light exposure. This makes them a great choice for inexperienced growers who are still learning the ropes. 

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Buying marijuana seeds online has never been easier! As the premier place to buy marijuana seeds in St. Paul, we sell only the highest quality, fully feminized, ungerminated cannabis seeds on the market today. Need assistance navigating our website? Just reach out to our friendly customer service agents for help with the buying process. Want to share something with us? Follow us on social media, we love to hear from our customers!

Read more on these and many other strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds, available from Pacific Seed Bank in our online inventory.

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